A mostrar mensagens de Maio, 2009
Last month, something unusual happened and I thought that it could be interesting to make a little reflection about that.

I was arriving to school and when just about passing the school gates I found a cell phone on the floor. I picked it up and saw a picture of a little girl. Obviously it belonged to her. I was already late to my maths' class so I hurry in phoning to her (whoever she turned out to be... lol) mother.

When the lady the other side awnser me it was kind of funny because she started asking some awkward questions like «How does it looks the phone?» and «who is on the phone screen». Well, why should I identify the phone and its owner? I'm calling to her mother, where the hell would I get this number? Lol

Well, a few minutes later (and I was back then reaaaaaaaaly late for school) the lady shows up. She was very nice and started saying that her daughter should have let it drop because she usually is very distracted. I sad it was okay and said I was in a hurry so I ha…