19 de janeiro de 2011

#1 Letter to my best friend

Dear Best friend,

I don't know you and I don't know if I will ever do. Without knowing exactly why, I spent huge part of my life avoiding you and now the only person I look for is you.

But it ain't fair, you know? I didn't know it was like this... They never teach us or tell us this things; how was I suposed to know I had got to make friends in my school years or I would be with no friends for a life? Now I feel so lonely... I miss you without even knowing if I had once known you and have not recognised you. Can it be? That I had lost you without really knowing what was that I was loosing? It might be...

I don't know if I will find you someday or if it's too late for me... Maybe it is. I don't like to think about it a lot, I'd rather forget and fullfil the emptyness in me with other type of love and understanding... I hope you're not far or untouchable - you are need too much.

Please promiss me you'll come or that you'll let me find you. Promiss I won't feel alone anymore... Deal?

I really miss you,

3 comentários:

Hugo Rosa disse...

Identifico-me muito com o texto mas já dizia John Lennon "Amo a liberdade, por isso deixo as coisas que amo livres. Se voltarem é porque as conquistei. Se não voltarem é porque nunca as possuí." ;)

Sira disse...

Como eu te percebo... :b

Cisne disse...

Hugo Rosa: E muito bem dizia ele =)

Sira: Lamento que percebas :P



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